Norge Concerto Gold 1000

D Team Norge,
I have been a proud owner of a Norge Concerto Gold 1000 amp since 2011. I would like to place on record my appreciation for the creators of this beauty. I can confidently say that Norge equipment are the most under-rated audiophile brand in India, probably in part because of the average Indian's disdain for Indian made audio systems and partly because very few know about it. But hearing and seeing is believing, and so I urge prospective buyers to give it a try and compare it with the big names, before investing.
A Norge is rugged, uncomplicated, packs a punch and is absolute value for money. The best part about Norge is the team behind the equipment. Being in the forces I’ve had to carry it around to places where the power supply isn’t the most stable. In one such place when a component of the amplifier got unserviceable, I just had to call Norge .and in a fortnight’s time I had the amplifier booming again and at a very nominal cost. Try getting that kind of support from the big names. I was saddened to hear about Sam’s passing when I called a year back but was glad to note that the old team is still going strong under the new stewardship. My best wishes to TEAM NORGE. The best is yet to come: and yes please advertise yourself more!
Thank you for the music, always.

Lt. Col. Sandeep Menon



Norge HI FI

N orge Hi Fi Systems make Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Moxart, J. strauss, handel, Haydn, Vivaldi proud. Mu great composers come alive on NORGE (named after Norway) Western. Classical music is best heard on Norge.
It is like being there.. I meaning the concert Hall. With Norge it is a music festival round the clock, around the year. You are never alone with NORGE.

MB. Mahedra Varma

IOB Bank, Chennai


Norge Amplifier

D ear Shyam,
This shows that Norge amplifier continues the Tandberg tradition with uncompromising claims to quality. I will spread the news to my Tandberg.

Mr. Paul Johnsen

HR relationship manager


Stereo Audiophile

I was going through your website and looking at your passion for stereo audiophile I read all reviews word by word. I am not much of writer so I wll just put it in plain words that I am very moved by the reviews and the pricing. It is very competitive. Today the time has changed and so are customer preferences. More and more people are influenced by the PMPO and home theatre, sub woofer gimmicks. But there are a few selected one like me who calls themselves the ‘stereo people’. One can well associate these same stereo people with stereo types who are unchangeable in the test of time. I have used separate stereo components from 1985 onwards. Never ever looked at the flashy compact systems available in the market.
At present I own a NAC integrated Amplifier (325BEE) and audio CD player (525BEE) set up with Sonodyne towers *sonus 2605). Maybe in future I will go for one of Norge power amplifiers if you happen to make one. I also wish I can meet you some fine day.
Sometimes I feel where this industry is going. People these days are influenced by outer show, size and functions and very rately relize what real music sound like. But then there are few odd ones driven by the passion and desire for quality sound.

I wish Norge can have some presence in few selected shops. I wish you and the brand ‘Norge’good luck.

Shammi Lal


Norge Amplifiers

I am very impressed with the article written about Mr. Shyam Bajaj on the Norge audio website. I have heard a lot good things about Norge Products while browsing thru various online forums and even in print media. I think Norge has created a valuable space for itself in the already over crowded market of audio products.
Mr Bajaj's credentials are noteworthy and praiseworthy. There a only a handful of businessmen in the Indian Industry who are so much dedicated towards their products and process immense knowledge on the product they are manufacturing. Mr Bajaj is one of them.
Most of the industralists, manufacturers are only to make money and start a manufacturing unit without adequate knowledge of the product they are manufacturing.

Shailendra Sharma

Reliance Communications LTd.
DAKC, Navi Mumbai
Mobile: 9323151098
Tel: +91-22-30381818
Email: shailendra.m.sharma@relianceads.com


Norge 2060

Hi Shyam,
At last I have had the opportunity to give the NORGE 2060 a real chance to let me enjoy my music with it.I must first of all congratulate You with a beautiful amplifier. I have listened to several types of music, and find it to be a very capable amplifier. What impresses me the most is it’s capability to keep full control over all the details in my music, even with very complex and powerful music.
My taste in music is very varied, and this gives me the possibilities to really test out all types equipment in a matter that gives me a very broad sight of what the amplifier is able to present. And this amplifier is one of the very best I have had in my setup. No less. I am very happy I came aware of You and Your amplifier. The 2060 will most likely end up as a permanent member of my music system.
I am looking forward to further listening and i will not be surprised if I find even more positive achievements of this amplifier.

Jan-Lver Rikstad

TANDBERGEREN Haldenveien 994 1963 FOSSER



W hose 'young' heart flows with his own unique rhythm of life, unselfish and with much abundance. Whose 'young' mind still dreams of accomplishing his unfulfilled goals which is evident in his approach to life and work. Whose 'young' attitude is not limited by conventional boundaries and is constantly exploring and experiencing new things.
Whose 'young' knowledge bears oodles of wisdom accumulated over the years but yet stays relevant to the modern day. Whose 'young' business reinvents itself to be better than it was yesterday. Whose 'young' friends, like me, have learnt a thing or two about growing old with grace.
Thank you for being the 'youngest' friend I have. Cheers to you dear Bajaj, thank you for your friendship over the years.

Have a wonderful Birthday!

Jan-Lver Rikstad

TANDBERGEREN Haldenveien 994 1963 FOSSER

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