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“Norge 2060 Stereo Integrated Amplifier”

I recently purchased this amp to replace my one-foot-in-the grave akai am-u02 amp and boy was I satisfied or what to say the least? I’ll just encapsulate all my emotions in nutshell and say this:

If you are a true audiophile and want real bang for buck and don’t wanna shell out big bucks for the indian/imported crap displayed in big showrooms, take a dive and go in for norge’s 2030 amp. It’s performance speaks for itself and it will eclipse any stereo amp or home theatre amp on a canter. I’ve been to big fancy showrooms and auditioned dozens of reputed brands, finally I took the plunge and headed straight to Norge. 
Hats off to you, Mr. Shyam Bajaj, may you live for another century for india and the world to bejefit from!!!

I’ve also heard the 1000 reference amp and the tower speakers from Norge at their outlet in mahim. I was blown away and thoroughly impressed!

Final Verdict : Simplicity, elegance, performance, price!!!

“Indian Mindset of audio products”

Challenges to an Indian Audio equipment manufacturers are many. The biggest being, not being respected by the Indians. People will pay a much higher price for a similar or worse product, if it carries an international label. Just the Indian Mindset.

This amplifier will kick the juice out of most20/30/40 k so called hi-fis from Sony/Samsung/LG/Panasonic. And finding matching speakers is not a great deal. But yes, audio equipment market in India is very very very young. Another challenge.

Written by Ranheet Rain on Oct 22, 2007

“Norge 2060 Amplifier” when it comes to playing two channel music Norge 2060 Amp out-performs the Yamaha receivers.

Review of Norge 2060 Amplifiers

Just like everybody else I had a micro system at home that had more lights that a flying Saucer would. It would do everything but play good music! N how I craved for good music that I would hear at Pub’s, Disco thecks & places like that. But then those systems would blow a hole in anyone’s pocket. But my long time desire to listen to audiophile quality sound in the comfort of my room without a hole in my pocket finally materialized. Recently I purchased a Norge Amp that I paired with a set of Wharf dales. Since then day after day it has been musical bliss for me.

At first I had planned to go for an AV receiver with a pair of wharf dales, thinking that I would play the music @ two channel mode and also trying to invest long term as I could later buy more speakers to upgrade to a 5.1 system. I went early to local dealers shop to try out the two Norge Amps amps (2030 n 1000 concerto) and Yamaha AV receivers (RXV 357 n 457) ub stereo mode that were in my Budget. After 4 hours of extensive listening with verity of Music that I listen to, it was out in black n white that Norge amp’s played fat better than either of the AV receivers, infect it was an eye opener for the very dealer that the Amps were so capable. Add to this that the Amps cost way less than the Yamaha receivers.

End of then I bought Norge 2060 as they had enough power to drive the speaker I bought and more so as AV max recommends it and I am a big believer in recommendations. However while listening to either of the Amps I couldn’t find any difference.

Conclusion: When it comes to playing two channel music both the Norge Amps outperform the Yamaha receivers.

“Norge 2060 Amplifier” Fantastic sound front. A good sounding amp.

Review of Norge 2060 Amplifiers

Finally I received the amp yesterday. Last night I have connected it and it is the really good sonically. The sound output quality it’s great. The internal layout is also good, the toroidal transformer looks competent.

Sound front is fantastic but looks need to match.

In the end, it was well worth the wait and in the sound department it matches and even outscores the Yamaha rx440 av receiver (Stereo mode).

Thanks for a good sounding amp.

Norge Amplifier

Respected Mr.Bajaj,

I visited your company yesterday for a simple reason that “let me see the company which makes the amplifiers that I first saw in my dada office as a child,
A little background of my father ….. He was a producer and director in Bollywood – Mr.Raj Rishi Malhotra. 
My research on the net showed that your company is as old as me … 1967 and I decide lets see !!!

After my Phillips died a unnatural deat (served me for a good 6 yers tll my son tinked with it ) I was oit in the market searching for a good amp…  I experienced MARANTZ/EATHQUAKE/DENON/YAMAHA/JAMO/BOSE …. YOU NAME IT. 
I realized there was no way they were going to fit my budget… Eventually I took the effort to land up at your office…

My experience :

Mr.laxman was as hospitable as ever.. being with you for 25 years hats of to the man
I was awe struck by the simplicity with which the amps were made.(I saw the entire shop before I could hear)… I wondered will I get the quality I was looking for 
I considered your ship as a “wannabee company” trying to fight the competition on PRICE


It would not be just to go on as my words will not match up to the experience I had.
I ended up buying THE Norge 2060 and the Millennium Mini Tower Speakers as well…
Mr.Bajaj… it would have been absolutely inapproiate if I did not send this mail before I got to hear PURE MUSIC from my set …I still have to receive the delivery post you receiving the cheque and it realizing…

Hats off to you Mr.Bajaj… I SALUTE YOU…
Thank you for making a BRILLIANT PRODUCT for a shallo pocket

Vijayraj Malhotra 
E-mail ID : vijayraj67@yahoo.com

Norge Amplifier 2060

Dear Mr.Bajaj

They say that marriages are made in heaven. But some od the very successful marriages between an amplifier and a pair of speakers are made at the Eastern Electronics.

The 2060 and the Millennium speakers are as good as they can get. The sound is exceptionally details, beautiful layers, extremely dynamic and with immaculate stereo imaging! Setting them at about 8 feet from each other I’ve listened to call kind of music in the last two days. The amp has rediscovered my favorite music with exceptional finesse. I’m feeling like taking a week off work to listen to my collection of cassettes and CDs all over again. The system holds extremely good control all the way up to above 5 at the volume dial. But then, one shouldn’t try anything above.1.5 lest the pollution control people starts knocking at the door! No one should ever bother about a sub. The mid- bass driver is giant. It’s hard to find any fault with the amp of one’s main desire is to listen to unadulterated stereo music (or dialogue for that matter.) I’m saying this after listening to Naim, Marantz, Arcam, Yamaha, Denon and Sony over the last 12 years. 
I’m extremely pleased. Thank You.
I hooked up the amp with my Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player and Yamaha KX 493 cassette player. Interconnects are Profigold and CA Arctic respectively.

May I humbly suggest a few ideas of my own regarding the amp? Please forgive me for being superfluous.

  1. Can we not remove the switch-on thump altogether, please?
  2. Writing around the Balance knob could be changed to L5 instead of -5 and 5R instead of 5+
  3. Golden lettering might look more “elegant” than white on the front black fascia.
  4. In the rear. Amidst the cluster of speaker connectors one might mention Left and Right.
  5. Perhaps it would be better to follow universal color code for input sockets(Red for R and white for L)
  6. Printing CD instead of DVD at the front input selection button.
  7. A detachable mains power cord.
  8. A single page printout about the amp or speaker’s specifications for the more technically minded
  9. Pasting a sticker with brief specs at the rear of the speaker enclosure.
  10. Re-placing the NORGE marque to the bottom middle of the front grill of the speakers from the present left upper corner.
  11. Last but not the least, printing Made in India somewhere at the back of the amp!
Many thanks for being so patient to go through this long mail.
I’ll keep in touch. 
Kind regards. 
Dr Saibal Bir
Email id : saibalbir@yahoo.co.in

Norge Amplifier 2060

Dear Mr.Bajaj

I am thoroughly impressed with the Norge 2260/Nano combo. Despite being spoiled by my AudioPhysic/Abrahamsen (4500,- Euro) speaker/amp combo I had reasonably high expectations based on reviews and what I had read in the HifiVision forum before my purchase. I have to say my expectations have been met several times over. I have listened a lot to the combo over the last couple of days and I have a hard time finding faults worth mentioning. Of course the bass of the Nano speakers are limited, but that said, the amount of bass the cute 4,5" Wavecore mid-bass woofers are capable of producing in those tiny cabinets are really impressive.

The Norge 2060 and the Nanos seem to be a perfect match power wise. The Nanos can probably be driven adequately with a small amp like the 1515, but the extra muscle of the 2060 really make them shine.

For my listening sessions I have placed the Nanos on top of my floorstanding AudioPhysic speakers (they happen to have the exact same width as the Nanoes, as the 7" woofers of the AudioPhysics are side-firing). This placement provides a rock solid foundation for the Nano speakers, and a near perfect alignment with my listening position (though slightly high).

For my first listening session I played a selection of Kari Bremnes records, a Norwegian artist who makes highly audiophile recordings and have been my sound reference for many years.

The Norge combo is connected to the same source as the AudioPhysic/Abrahamsen combo, and I actually had to walk up to the speakers to check that the Audiophysics did not play along. That's how big a sound these small speakers make. A friend came over and had a listen too, and was equally amazed when discovering that all that sound came from the tiny Nanos and not the floorstanders they are standing atop.

The combo provide a big, open, well defined soundstage with good separation and a surprisingly solid bass foundation. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound fantastic. If If I was on a budget I could happily live with this as my main sound system. Honestly, I have a hard time seeing how one could do any better at this price.

I bought this combo to make a small desktop setup to use with my laptop. That's not happening. The Nanos are going to get some heavy, quality speaker stands (which they deserve), and together with the 2060 they will be used as a secondary sound system, probably in the dining room.

Thanks a lot for these great products Mr. Bajaj. I will happily recommend them to anyone looking for entry level hifi, and I will also write my recommendations in HifiVision.

I look forward to cross test these products with my other equipment (the Nanos with the Abrahamsen amp and the 2060 with my AudioPhysic speakers). That's going to be interesting,

Email id : mortensundal@hotmail.com

Norge Amplifier 2060

Dear Sir,

Sorry for being late to express my feeling towards my new found life as I was out of station for a couple of days on an official assignment.

To start with, I must thank you for letting me know how a music system should sound and I have found it with my Norge 2060 + TWR 125 mkIII speakers.

The experience we are having with our new system is absolutetly amazing to say the least. It seems like we were only listening to 'MUS' part (before resorting to Norge) and were satisfied with it, now we have come to know the actual meaning of the word 'MUSIC'. I have played all sorts of music whatever I had in store from Indian Classical, Rabindra Sangeet, Ghazal, Bollywood to Western Rock, Pop and our black beauties are always ready to amaze us, actually the last 3-4 days I was continously challenging them with various types of music and even my freind came up with some and he was so impressed that he has started considering to buy one. We could hear the plucking fingers on the strings of the bass guiter, heard the breathing sound of singers in between lines and a special treat to hear was the tightness of the bass, its awesome!! whenever it throws those tight punches I literally jump in excitement and feel like crying in wonder and end up
with a high five with my daughter.

Now I have a lot of work to do, I need to buy a lot of Audio CDs of all types and enjoy the peace of music.

I went for a Pioneer DVD player as recommended by you as a source and it is perfectly matched as if it knows 2060 for ages and talks to each other


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